Monday, March 26, 2007

Nutritional Comparison - XANGO, Monavie, Juice Plus and BAZI

The Nutritional Health Drink industry has heated up in a big way. Each company claims that theirs is the most nutritious and healthiest drink. However, what is the truth whose product can live up to their claims.
we will take a look at each product what it claims let's take a look at what each considers "nutritional", after all isn't the real test is what each actually contains.... our source... each company's website. After all if you had the most nutritional drink would you not have the proof prominently displayed for all comers.
When I started this assignment I "knew" two things, 1) that it might be difficult to compare the relative nutritional value of each as one might have more of something and less of another and 2) it would be a relatively easy task as all I had to do was "read the labels".
The real difficulty was trying to figure out the nutritional value of some of the products. I looked at the XANGO, Monavie and Juice Plus websites and could not find a definitive statement as to how much of each vitamin and mineral it had compared to the "minimum daily adult requirements". Even one-a-day displays that information. If your product is nutritious would you (shouldn't you) show how nutrious it is? You need to do more then just say it has a nutritional dense fruit from some far off land.... Don't you?
I could find no real information on XANGO MONAVIE or Juice Plus's website. So I thought let's ask the distributors.... after all they sell the product, recruit people to their down lines surely they know, they must have been asked before.....right?
Here are some of the comments that I received:
"The question that you are asking is rather complex, due to the fact that we are dealing with 19 fruits and each one has it’s own percentage of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Phytonutrients"
When it was pointed out that one ounce of their product me would have "its own percentage" I was told this....
"If you look at all the other products on the market that share any similarities with MonaVie such as Xango, Noni (fake product), Goji (which is in MonaVie), NingXia, AcaiExtreme, Vibe, Zola, JuicePlus, and Thai-go, you will find they do not all release vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidant counts either".
I searched the Internet and came across a website from NORTHERN DIMENSIONS PUBLISHING COMPANY it seems they put together a number of nutritional supplement guides. On their frequently asked questions page ( one of the questions they addressed is whether they had comparisons of Xango, Noni Juice and Juice Plus they answered.............
"We are unable to complete a comparison of food products, including Juice Plus, Seasilver, Noni Juice, Xango and other foods, because no documentation of the amount of nutrients is available. Companies producing these products have no way to control the exact amount of vitamin C and other nutrients in each batch of the product, since it is created from actual fruit, which will vary in its composition due to weather, ripeness, soil conditions and other environmental factors. Based on the available nutrition information for these products, they would not even register against our Blended Standard. To include them in our work would not be appropriate."
After all, BAZI has all the nutritionally dense fruits and berries as XANGO, GOJI, and Monavie. In fact it has 8 super dense fruits and berries..... but does it suffer from the same shyness when it comes to identifying why it is good for you?
NO, it doesn't BAZI identifies on its website and on its bottle the EXACT amount of vitamins and minerals that you will have when you enjoy BAZI. The list is long so rather then try and copy it here please follow this link to read the actual label (click here).
Why does BAZI take such care in identifying its actual contents. The reason is the athletes who depend on BAZI..... Professional and Olympic athletes cannot risk putting something into their body that that might cost them the Gold Medal or their career. They need to know exactly what is in a nutritional drink and that is why they depend on BAZI.
XELR8, Inc. the company who makes BAZI boasts that over 350 professional and Olympic athletes not only take and endorse the product, but over 94% buy it themselves. We are talking about athletes the caliber of Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and Briana Scurry. Top athletes at the top of their game who can have and take anything they want.
This is the same reason that XELR8, Inc's production facilities and practices are all pharmaceutically licensed manufacturing facilities, that also meet food grade manufacturing standards and all ISO standards.
Obviously the winner of nutritional health drinks is BAZI, in our opinion
  • it has ALL the super dense fruits and berries as the other drinks
  • It ALONE identifies it vitamin and mineral content and it is impressive
  • It is endorsed by premier professional and Olympic athletes from all sports
  • It is manufactured to pharmaceutical, food grade and ISO standards


For more information on the product go to

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Live healthy and wise............


Mike & Shanine said...

interesting stuff, im pretty sure the reason why monavie does not provide all the nutritional content on the bottles is because the fruits are picked wild and exact amounts vary. As with any natural product, there can be variation from batch to batch. For example, depending on the area of the Amazon and the time of year the acai berry is harvested, the healthy fat content may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. As with any natural fruit or vegetable, it is not produced with the exact same nutritional composition every time it grows. Thus they only put what is required on the bottle. Just to clear that up

Mike & Shanine said...

i really dont understand how really any natural juice company can list exact nutritional value amounts, because they will always differ in small to large amounts...

joanne said...

Monavie is such a fantastic product and company that all the juice companies out ther have hired the specialits at the university in Texas just to tty to get the ingredient lists so they can copy it. Why would monavie give out the recipie? Monavie is the only product on the market that has totally amazing results in people everywhere and of all sorts of health problems. It is great tasting and worth every penny. Yes you get what you pay for and Monavie has a goal to be the best company for the world. The people in this company are quality servants and family type individuals that want to make a difference in the world. I would dare say there aren't any other companies or products run with such levels of integrity. There is a reason that monavie has sold more than everyone else. They have the best. IT works.

D Jean said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that all the products mentioned have wonderful properties, so why is anyone comparing or complaining? I will say that taking at least half of the above, Juice Plus comes out on top for me personally, and it doesn't hurt that they have double blind, placebo based, crossover Gold Standard Studies ON THE PRODUCT (not what is in the product - which is just fruits and veggies) written up in Medical Journals. Someone said that yeah, the company helps supplement the cost of those studies, well no duh - they are required to supply the Universities and Medical Centers with their product so they can do the Studies!!! Who else is going to do it? This is not rocket science but I have yet to find another company willing to actually have studies done on the product. If you know of one, please let me know. I'm a science person, and the amount of docters, nurses, and professional health personnel sharing Juice Plus with others is incredible and tells the tale. I believe I'm in good company. Check out or to look at the Studies online. Juice Plus has a Food Label.

terri said...

Reliv International not only posts the nutritional panels and clinical studies, but boasts six patents on its products. What does this mean? That the product does something that no other food product can do AND that it can be repeated exactly the same in every batch. The end consumer is guaranteed consistency. And what can it do? Produce real results. Check it out:

Aidan said...

I am crazy of Monavie juice.Very informative article. I like MonaVie products very much. It is one of the best product. Thanks a lot!


Pattie said...

Has anyone heard of Xocai..they are the healthiest of all drinks with their high antioxidant content and they have an independent lab (Brunswick) that tests their products every 3 months and give them a ORAC score. The proof is in the pudding as they say..

Xocai is at the top of the list when it comes to antioxidants and cost.

Cheryl said...

Great information. I don't expect to see the nutritional contents listed on a banana or apple, so I guess it is reasonable not to see it on the juices mentioned. I'm concerned about the claim of exact amounts of vitamins in a natural product unless they are measuring each batch or adding synthetics to it. Not sure of the laws here but I do know some English and you might want to edit your thens and thans. They have different meanings and would add intelligence to your blog. Thanks a bunch for the info.

Cheryl said...

Oh, by the way, too much antioxidant nutrition is a real problem as the redux signaling system of the cell depends on both oxidants and antioxidants. Antioxidants are not the BAD GUY they have been made out out be. No one should fall prey to the antioxidant campaigns.

D Np said...

MonaVie is not hiding anything from you, in fact there are the links to each of their juices with the Nutritional labels for each one, just click on the nutrition tab that will appear among each tab for the individual products and there it will be.

MonaVie is so sure that their products are up to standard and are that good, that they have a money back guarantee going on right now. As an Independent Distributor, I will be happy to inform you about that personally if you are interested about that or any other questions related to the MONAVIE products.

Have a healthy day!